If you would like to get in touch, please either give me a phone call or send me an email. I am more than willing to chat through any project you may be considering or queries that you may have. However generally email is the best way to get hold of me, especially for new enquiries as you can get down some key project information, location, anticipated scale and a timeframe. With an email I can then have a look at these, look up the site and such before giving you any considered initial advice and feedback in due course.


Typically after an initial email or phone call if the project is a good fit for the practice and workload permits, I’ll come round to visit you free-of-charge at your home or site to discuss further and for you to have a chance meet me in person before any form of commitment.


I will need your name and preferred contact details in order to respond obviously, but on top of that it’s useful to include any information that you may have already. The address or location is crucial so I can look it up and understand the site quickly. Other useful info might be your anticipated timeframe, your expected scope (eg “kitchen extension”), scale or budget and perhaps some of the things/styles you like.  (contemporary/traditional/robust/glassy/respectful/wild etc etc) Of course you may not know this yet, but anything you can include to explain the project and your situation will help me answer you more efficiently.