The original bungalow had some nice relatively recent features, but had become very tired in both material construction and living standards. This project stripped back the building to its core and built upon the existing layout, extending in a few key areas; The porch/utility boot room wing, the oriel bathtub window and the overhanging veranda. Insulating and cladding the walls with new windows throughout, combined with an ASHP makes the finished building an efficient home to run.

The materials are modern, but have been carefully chosen in specification and extent/location to maximise their value. The practice undertook a measured survey of the existing, a series of exploratory sketch schemes to decide what to do with the property, a planning application and a construction package consisting of detailed drawings, electrical layouts, construction junctions and notes. The clients then honed the interior palette as they completed the build.

  • Service: Planning and detailed construction design
  • Budget: Undisclosed
  • Scale: 150m2
Before Photos
Project Drawings

None of the spaces are particularly large, ‘bigger is not always better’ is very much a core belief of TSA. Homely, human-proportioned spaces can offer enough drama & comfort with space to play and grow, especially when there is a strong, easy connection to the outside.

Overall the project is very successful and has a healthy balance between homely spaces, reading and drawing corners for the kids, a grown-ups lounge, a functional and dramatic kitchen-diner, with pantry/laundry facilities tucked away in a walk-in cupboard. The bedrooms extend into the roofspace for added storage, fun and space, but only so far as to incur moderate structural alteration, and avoid spiralling costs.

The building was not re-roofed structurally, but the tiles and felt were stripped off, and all replaced with new metal sheet roofing and insulation as part of the renovation works.